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seeking men on dating apps is like sifting through literal trash - 14 hours ago
Russell Westbrook is averaging a triple-double against the 76ers dating back to the 2013-14, one of four teams he's… - 9 hours ago
The rumors of Taraji P. Henson and Kelvin Hayden's romance are rumors no more: "We've been together for two years.… - 19 hours ago
RT @tsnowt_: Yo i swear if people just learned how to text back dating would be 100 times easier - 16 seconds ago
RT @SororitySpeak: If we're dating, the relationship I have with your mom, dad, siblings etc. is important to me. Their approval and love i… - 16 seconds ago
RT @ronkizzle93: Please if you are dating my friend, I'm not your friend like that. Well except we are friends before y'all got together. L… - 17 seconds ago
RT @coyaababy: talking stage is dead in 2018, either I️m single or we dating. - 18 seconds ago
@Katparris88 @asikiyageorge54 @lifefeelingmi Ma'am in Africa, our dating mentality is quite different from the othe… - 20 seconds ago
RT @Iifepost: Have you ever had a breakup without even dating? Lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooo That shit hurts like a motherfucker - 28 seconds ago
RT @COBCertified: Why is Social Media Marketing Like Dating? #wednesdaywisdom #WorldThinkingDay #socialmedia #Datin… - 28 seconds ago
@ralzeedotes If your goal is to marry rich, maybe our site can help you. the first, most… - 29 seconds ago
@womanfeeds High school love on, dating agency: cyrano, - 37 seconds ago
Busy on dating. - 38 seconds ago
RT @lovendluvs: if I date you, my goal is to marry you, build with you, grow with you, I'm not dating you to pass time, I see potential in… - 43 seconds ago
RT @soloistbyun: you’re gonna unstan if baekhyun starts dating? LMFAOOOOOOOO y’all and your wild ass imagination of them ever dating you or… - 46 seconds ago
#Sober Dating? Click the link below to receive 15% off today for a 1, 3 or 6 month membership!… - 51 seconds ago
RT @MetroUK: Bengali boy, 16, beaten with knuckleduster in ‘honour attack’ after dating Pakistani girl - 52 seconds ago
Contact #date richca53, Man from #Bristol, 28 years #disability #findlove #disabled #dating - 53 seconds ago
@Charlotteeit27 @JennaChami T5ayale your sister tkoun dating her brother 😂😂😂 - 54 seconds ago
@reneesinbran I was reading something about this autistic girl and how intense eye connections can sometimes feel i… - 54 seconds ago
.#AnushkaSharma and #ViratKohli had been dating for over four years. Time and again, the lovebirds were spotted at … - 1 minute ago
@YungGarlik If your goal is to marry rich, maybe our site can help you. the first, most… - 1 minute ago
RT @lanceanning: I came into a pharmacy and saw the guy dating my kid sister buying condoms,I rushed home and met my kid sister preparing t… - 1 minute ago
RT @livennadin: lance: keith, you’re kind of intimidating lance: but i’d much rather we’d be intimi-dating ;) keith: lance: got it?? heh d… - 1 minute ago
RT @Leelona: Lately Tolga had too much fake dating scandals. I think Turkish journalists need just simply shut up. Sooo annoying... It's on… - 1 minute ago
RT @mO_Moremi: 2018 we dating gals who sacrifice for you .a gal who can give you her weaves to sell them an buy what you need that time htt… - 1 minute ago
Disgusting. Ngl in the community I’m from there’s a lot of hatred for anyone who might mix outside Pakistani people… - 1 minute ago
RT @cthewiseman: You're dating an amazing person - 1 minute ago
RT @myunwrittensoul: "If we’re dating you can have your freedom, you’re not my prisoner. Just stay loyal and be honest. That’s all I ask." - 1 minute ago
Please if you're Single, be Single to the Fullest... Not that you are Single and your Private Part is Dating...😎😎😎 - 1 minute ago
@TaylorLueders_ If your goal is to marry rich, maybe our site can help you. the first, m… - 1 minute ago
RT @tfwmich: if your ex started dating someone right after you broke up that means the other person was there the whole time. idc what they… - 1 minute ago
RT @KING_EXO_the1st: OMG LOOOOOOL she was on a dating show but ended up talking about EXO Me as f*ck 😂😂😂 👏👏👏 #EXO #Cafe_Universe @wear… - 1 minute ago
Big Tits Fetish Dating
#busty #dating #onlinedating #singles #women
Big Tits Fetish Dating #busty #dating #onlinedating #singles #women - 1 minute ago
RT @Julia_Harris99: 7 Biggest Dating Fails! - 1 minute ago
📷 Big Tits Fetish Dating #busty #dating #onlinedating #singles #women - 1 minute ago
RT @R0CKSTCR: there's no difference between RL and RP dating. If I'm dating here, I don't date in real life and the other way around. - 1 minute ago
RT @LesegoPase: There's a guy I've known for a long time, I got to know his gf, they've been dating for 5 years. This lady got pregnant (pl… - 1 minute ago
Crowdfunded donations: @piyushcrjain pitches to raise 9 cr in series A funding for 23% of @ImpactGuru, with cofoun… - 2 minutes ago
@_WonderCunt Would you ever do speed dating too? - 2 minutes ago
"I'm OK with letting go of the ones that are not for me." Fantastic little 5 minute video. How to avoid narcissists… - 2 minutes ago
RT @ARMANIETHAN: Edwin is a fuckboy fashionista Austin is a gaming artist rapping cute ass good hugger dating a fucking model guy Zion is… - 2 minutes ago
RT @litvinova_24: The age of volcanism in the #Canary Islands is well known from radiometric age dating. More than 600 K/Ar, Ar/Ar, and 14C… - 2 minutes ago
In what universe? Dating and all of that doesn’t even go together that’s too much investment for just simply dating - 2 minutes ago
RT @blvckfame: IF UR NOT OBSESSED W THE PERSON UR DATING THEN WYD ????? - 2 minutes ago
Let's get acquainted? joseph35 from Top Dating: joseph35, Man from Budapest, 39 years - 2 minutes ago
RT @Patrici8Susan: brown #porn #xxx #sex #nsfw #officefuck #dating #nakedwomen #outdoor #amateurs #video #orgy #blowjob 161540 #sloppy blo… - 2 minutes ago
Let's get acquainted? Lacika79 from Top Dating: Lacika79, Man from Baja, 38 years - 2 minutes ago
Let's get acquainted? Stuntmanfun from Top Dating: Stuntmanfun, Man from Buckeye, 46 years - 2 minutes ago
Let's get acquainted? farira21 from Top Dating: farira21, Man from Cluj-Napoca, 24 years - 2 minutes ago


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[Dating] I [26F] hate texting people all day, every day. Is this a requirement in the dating world? - 11 months ago


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Me [26/M] with girlfriend of 4 months [27/F]. Our friends are warning me about her “odd behaviors”. Am I blind/ignoring warning signs? Red Flags? Starting to doubt myself. - 1 month ago


I'm (F,23) tired of accidentally dating sexist/racist/homophobic men... - 1 year ago


I [29F] was told by my bf [25M] (dating for 1 yr now) that he invited one of my colleagues [25F] over at his place so that he could brew her a cup of coffee on her b'day - 9 months ago


I [31] am dating for the first time after my wife's death. I'm so nervous and need advice for upcoming date with lady friend [29/F] - 8 months ago


Will this be too much and creepy? - 2 years ago


[dating] My [25 M] girlfriend [24 F] told me she "thinks she loves me", my response was less than stellar - 1 year ago


Me [31 M] with my not quite girlfriend [31 F] little over a month, I am not ok with the kid thing, how can I break things off without hurting her? - 1 year ago


I (M31) have been dating my best friend’s sister (F28) for 3.5 months, but I get confused on whether she is very reserved or just disinterested. - 10 months ago


I [24/F] have been dating a guy [26/M] for a few months. Very concerned about the welfare of his dog. - 1 year ago


I [25M] fell in love with my best friend [24F] she has a disability and I want to assure her, and her parents I'm in it for the long run. How should I go about this? - 6 months ago


I [27F] got an email from an ex [25F] of a guy I'm seeing [29M] for three weeks begging me to stop seeing him. - 3 months ago


Me (22F), Guy I'm dating (27M). Early stages, I don't want to invite him over yet because I don't want to reveal how wealthy I am in case that changes things. Thoughts ? - 2 months ago


I [25 F] asked the guy I'm dating [25 M] about being exclusive and his response was "Yes, BUT..." What does he mean? - 3 years ago


I [42 M] with a woman I've been dating [39 F] just had the worst sexual experience ever and I'm trying to figure out why someone would do this. - 1 year ago
Dating website to match Canadians with Americans escaping Trump presidency


Dating website to match Canadians with Americans escaping Trump presidency - 1 year ago


I [21 F] woke up at 2:30 am to my boyfriend [21 M] groping and attempting to finger me while I was asleep. He claims he was asleep... Not sure how to proceed. - 1 year ago


Me [21F] with my favorite musician/singer since high school [32M] who approached me at a show once, and now we're dating? - 2 years ago


If Google matched people up by their browsing history, it could be the greatest online dating website of all time. - 1 year ago


Brown guys, does the dating game have different (unspoken) rules for you? If so, what are they and how do you manage? - 4 years ago


I [27/M] recently started dating someone [25/F] who is still a virgin. How can I make her first intimate experience a good one? - 1 month ago


Males who are heterosexual and grew up without sisters: what girlfact did you only learn when you started dating one? - 5 years ago


Me [23F] with my boyfriend [24M] of 2 years. Says I ruined his best friend's party. - 3 years ago


My [25M] girlfriend [25F] of one year has been told she's just the funny one her entire life and made to feel as though she isn't as pretty as her older sister. - 1 year ago


I (24F) wear wigs. Should I be upfront about this on dating apps? - 6 months ago


Me a shy [28 M] started dating a [18 F] Is the age difference too weird? - 1 year ago
TIL that Ashton Kutcher had a girlfriend who was murdered by a serial killer while they were dating.


TIL that Ashton Kutcher had a girlfriend who was murdered by a serial killer while they were dating. - 2 years ago


I [24m] just started dating an alternative girl [23f] a couple months ago and am wondering how to deal with the attention. - 7 months ago


I [30] am separated from my wife [30] and we will divorce in 2 years. Is it unreasonable for me to be dating in this time? - 10 months ago
Egyptian police using gay dating apps to hunt members of LGBT community


Egyptian police using gay dating apps to hunt members of LGBT community - 1 year ago
/u/duckrun perfectly illustrates, without being rude or condescending, to a 14 year old why she should not be dating a 24 year old, gets it bang on. Just perfect.


/u/duckrun perfectly illustrates, without being rude or condescending, to a 14 year old why she should not be dating a 24 year old, gets it bang on. Just perfect. - 2 years ago
Christian Mingle must let LGBT singles use dating site after losing court battle


Christian Mingle must let LGBT singles use dating site after losing court battle - 1 year ago


I (19/F) called things off with a guy (35/M) and now he is threatening me. I'm very worried. - 1 year ago


UPDATE Me [24/F] with my friends [25M/22F] of 2 years, threatened to kick me out of the friendgroup if i start dating [26M] - 1 year ago
A dating site for conspiracy theorists


A dating site for conspiracy theorists - 1 year ago


My friend [26F] introduced me [27F] to her good friend [29M], encouraged us to date, and is now upset with me for actually dating him - 2 years ago